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Table 2 Intervention features

From: Meta-analysis of internet-delivered interventions to increase physical activity levels

Source Tailored Theory Interactive Features Attrition (%) Logins Psyc Imp
All Int
Bosak and Yates, 2009 [15] Limited SCT AC, Edu, ER, Fac, FB, GS, Q, SM, UC 14 17 NR Yes
Carr et al., 2008 [16] Limited TTM Edu, ER, Fac, FB, GS, Q, SM, 52 62 NR NR
Cook et al., 2007 [17] Nil SCT, SOC GS 13 15 NR Yes
Dunton and Robertson, 2008 [18] Full TTM, HBM Edu, ER, FB 15 16 NR No
Glasgow et al., 2010b[19] Nil SCT, Self-M, SEM Edu, ER, Fac, FB, GS, Q SM, UC 17 20 28 Yes
Grim et al., 2011b[20] Nil SCT, Edu Q, UC 28 24 NR Yes
Hager et al., 2002b[21] Limited TTM FB 23 24 NR Yes
Haung et al., 2009 b[22] Limited TTM AC, Edu, ER, FB, Q, SC, SM, UC 12 NR NR Yes
Hurling et al., 2007 [23] Full Other AC, Edu, ER, FB, GS, SC,SM, UC, NR NR 26.1 Yes
Kim and Kang, 2006 b[24] Limited TTM AC, FB, GS, UC, NR NR NR No
Kosma et al., 2005 [25] Limited TTM AC, Edu, FB, ER, UC, 50 54 NR No
Leibreich et al., 2009 [26] Limited SCT AC, Edu, ER, Fac, FB, SM, UC, 10 8 NR Yes
Lorig et al., 2006 [27] Limited Self-M AC, Edu, ER, Fac, FB, GS, Q, UC 19 22 26.5 No
Lorig et al., 2008 [28] Full Other AC, Edu, ER, Fac, FB, GS, Q, SM, UC, 24 29 31.5 Yes
Lorig et al., 2010 [29] Nil Self-M AC, Edu, ER, Fac, FB, GS, SC, SM, UC 15 20 NR Yes
Mailey et al., 2011 [30] NIL SCT FB, GS, SM, ER, UC, Edu 9 13 NR Yes
Marshall et al., 2003 [31] Limited SOC ER, FB, GS, Q 22 24 NR NR
McConnon et al., 2007 [32] Limited Nil ER, FB 31 51 15.8 NR
McKay et al., 2001 [33] Full Self-M, SEM AC, Fac, FB, GS, SM 13 8 8.9 No
Morgan et al., 2009 [34] Nil SCT AC, Fac, FB, GS, SM 17 18 120 NR
Morgan et al., 2011 [35] Nil SCT Edu, FB, GS, SM 19 19 NR Yes
Motl et al., 2011 [36] Nil SCT AC, Edu, ER, Fac, FB, GS, SC, SM, UC, 11 15 8.6 Yes
Napolitano et al., 2003 [37] Limited SCT, SOC Edu, ER, Q 12 30 NR Yes
Nguyen et al., 2008 [38] Full SCT, Self-M, Other Edu, ER, Fac, FB, GS, SC, SM 24 31 59 Yes
Ornes and Randsell, 2007b[39] Nil SCT Edu, ER, FB, GS, SM, 7 NR NR NR
Parrott et al., 2008 [40] Nil TPB AC 0 0 NA Yes
Plotnikoff et al., 2005 [41] Nil SCT, TPB, TTM, PMT Nil 18 NR NA Yes
Skar et al., 2011 b[42] Nil TPB FB 42 44 NR Yes
Smith et al., 2009 [43] Limited TTM Edu, ER, Fac, FB, GS, Q, SM NR NR NR NR
Spittaels et al., 2007 b[44] Full TPB, SOC AC, Edu, ER, FB, GS 34 40 NR NR
Steele et al., 2007 b[45] Nil SCT, Self-M AC, Edu, ER, Fac, Q, SM, UC, 15 10 11.8 NR
Wadsworth and Hallam, 2010 [46] Nil SCT Edu, ER, Fac, FB, GS, Q, SM, UC 22 24 NR Yes
Winnett et al., 2007 b[47] Nil SCT Edu, FB, GS, SM, UC, 15 15 NR No
Zutz et al., 2007 [48] Nil Nil Edu, Fac, FB, Q, SC, UC 13 0 50 Yes
  1. Abbreviations: Psyc Imp, psychological improvements; All, overall attrition for both groups; Int, attrition for internet intervention group only; NS, not reported; SCT, social cognitive theory, TTM, transtheoretical model; SOC, stages of change, HBM, health belief model; Self-M, self-management; SEM, social ecological model; TPB, theory of planned behaviour; PMT protection motivation theory; AC, asynchronous communication; Edu, education; ER, email reminders; Fac, facilitator; FB feedback; GS, goal setting; Q, quiz; SC, synchronous communication; SM, self-monitoring; UC, updated content,.
  2. Note: Limited tailoring was defined as those interventions that mentioned the inclusion of some tailored materials, but did not deliver a comprehensively tailored intervention as the main component of the intervention. Presence of education material was defined as interventions that delivered structured educational material targeting physical activity knowledge. Psychological improvements are present where statistically significant improvements on any psychological measures is reported in the intervention group (e.g. self-efficacy, attitudes).